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  1. PALETTE                                   
    Any sizable (about 15"x10") palette with a white non-absorbent surface.
    John Pike palette is recommended.
  2. PAPER   A selection of various papers:
    Watercolor paper (cp 140 lb, 22”x30”, such as Fabriano (works well with wet lifting), Arches, Kilimanjaro…
    Strathmore 500 series illustration board,22"x30" or others with hard smooth surface
    Unsized rice paper (for marbling and monoprinting, Daniel Smith’s Kozo Lightweight or Cheap Joe’s Sekishu White are recommended. See their catalog numbers below)
    Masa paper, 21"x31" (for crinkling technique)
  3. BRUSHES                                   
    2" wide flat squirrel, or other soft wash brush (Isabey or Cheap Joe’s Tsunami wash brush)
    1" wide flat squirrel, or other soft hair (Filbert wash preferred)
    1/2" flat squirrel, or other soft hair
    No.12 round or medium-sized Oriental brush
    Rigger (a small brush with a long handle for lines, such as Cheap Joe’s CJHS-5)
    Hake flat wash (Cheap Joe’s YAFC5 –3” wide) for wetting paper
  4. COLOR    Tube watercolor - Suggested colors and palette arrangement:
    Cadmium red                  
    Cadmium orange                 
    Cadmium yellow                 
    Cadmium yellow pale or lemon                 
    (Cobalt green)                 
    Thalo/Winsor green                 
    Cerulean blue                 
    Thalo/Winsor blue                 
    Cobalt blue                                                   
    Ultramarine blue
    Alizarin crimson
    Violet (Winsor violet)
    Raw sienna
    Burnt sienna
    Raw umber  
    Burnt umber
    Liquid Sumi ink               
    (Color) = Optional
  5. MOUNTING BOARD                                   
    Regular watercolor paper or any white cardboard for mounting work on Masa /Kozo paper
  6. DRAWING BOARD                                   
    A piece of white enamel masonite (about 24”x32” ) for use in painting and monoprinting. This item is available in building supply stores. A 4’x8’ sheet can be cut into 6 pieces of 24”x32” each.
  7. MISCELLANEOUS                                   
    Natural sea sponge (for wet-lifting in saturated wet technique.(Cheap Joe-sea silk item ss3)
    Regular sponge (for wetting paper or wiping out excess water)
    6 or 9-well plastic muffin pan (Cheap Joe’s item 101012 or 101013) for mixing colors 
    A piece of felt or used bath towel to serve as cushion for painting on Masa, Koso, or others.
    Large paper clips to hold paper to board
    Acrylic gel medium (Glossy) 
    Metylan Cellulose Wallpaper Paste (Instructor will prepare for class)
    Spray bottle and squirt bottle (water dropper)
    Hair dryer and a roll of paper towels                 

NOTE:  The instructor will bring some Masa and Kozo in case you cannot get these papers in your area.

CHEAP JOE’S (Phone order: 1-800-227-2788; online order: www.cheapjoes.com)
#SF3005         Masa paper (31”x21.25””)
#SF3015         Shekishu White (39”x24”)
#YAKF2 or YAKF12          Sumi ink (2 oz bottle is sufficient for the workshop. 12 oz bottle is much cheaper)
#YA4                   Calligraphy brush (medium size)
#SM2403         Strathmore 500 Series illustration Board (Regular surface, 22”x30”)
#31507-28695         Cheap Joe’s Natural wash brush (2” natural hair)
#IS6421-2         Isabey, 2” squirrel hair brush        
#G3010          Acrylic gel medium, regular gel (gloss) (8 oz is sufficient)                 
                    Other general watercolor supplies

DANIEL SMITH (Phone order:1-800-426-6740; online order: www.danielsmith.com)
#266 170 001          Sumi ink
#262020 021         Masa paper
#266 220 002         Kozo Lightweight
Other general watercolor supplies.